Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Good drummer, Rubbish Blogger!

Been a while!...

Every time i get on my computer and think about updating the news part of my website something gets in the way. Emails, writing lessons, learning songs and of course going on youtube and facebook!

So what have i been up to in eight months since my last update?!?

Quite a lot really. I'm a full time professional musician, how cool is that!

I am teaching at Giles Academy in Boston every Tuesday and there are some fantastic drummers and musicians there. On top of this i am teaching privately five days a week with a wide range of abilities and ages (from 7 to 71!). I am learning all the time and writing lots of lessons and doing transcriptions of parts and songs using Sibelius.

I am also playing more than i ever have and am practising more than ever and have a lot of projects on the go.

First is still The Almaboobies and we are playing a lot and have a lot of exciting gigs coming up.

Secondly i am playing for the Dave Simpson Trio who is a talented guitarist playing rock and blues and he has just sent me thirty new songs to learn! We also do a Jimi Hendrix set which is a lot of fun.

Then i have a progressive metal band just starting out which is a lot of fun musically and is with a fantastic guitarist who will blow peoples minds! and a great bass player that also has his own recording studio.

I am also playing in another originals band with two of the most talented musicians in the area who i have wanted to play drums with for a long time and the opportunity finally presented its self and it sounds amazing!

I am getting the opportunity to rock out, groove, be creative and play with lots of talented musicians so i am very happy. On top of this i have recently done some theatre shows including Ali Baba and The Sound of Music twice which are also nice to play and challenging.

The future has quite a lot of gigs and travelling please check my gig dates for updates. The teaching is also going well with students doing well with both the grade exams and playing in general. If you want to keep up to date with what i'm up to please follow me on twitter because i update that all the time my twitter handle is

- @johnjoegaskin

This is just a quick update and i will hopefully go into more detail about all the different projects and upcoming events in the near future and i am also trying to learn how to update my website on my own!

Cheers JJ

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